BalaM = Balamurugan

Its been years i wanted to maintain a site for myself and the community. Focused mainly on resource, where i share my learnings and interesting article i come across. I’ll start updating and share the experience. The wait is over 🙂

Blogging has been a thing which i wanted to do a long before and when eventually i bought the domain and web space and even installed WP, but took more than 8 months to write my first article. Life became so busy and i was always occupied by one way or other.

Then came the main problem, How to write the article, Present, make it informative and interesting to read. . Well Its a learning curve but sounds interesting. In the coming days you will see lot more improvements. I have already started my home work on that.

The habit of writing text shortcuts made it a bit difficult initially, but I got rid of them. The new fond love Blogging and i’m loving it

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