Rise of collaborative consumption

Ever wondered about the power of collaborative consumption and the innovative and amazing ways people think. A must watch video which gives you a overall picture of where the future is heading. The thing we need to learn from the younger generation where sharing and learning is fun. After watching the video i’m sure you will have tons of ideas worth spreading. Do leave a comment, a suggestion or an idea ‘coz its all about sharing and learning 🙂

Rachel Botsman: The case for collaborative consumption

The Xperience

Frontend development and UI specialist
Gone are those days where a frontend developer or a UI specialist were not given much of an importance. Its more of changing trend, but still some don’t realize the importance of it yet and have fallen miserably. Well, even before discussing about it, lets take a look at the Web Phenomenon.

R e l a x
have a coffee, a smoke or probably a beer while we look back from Web 1.0 to the future Web 3.0

WEB 1.0

Read only web
More of static web pages linked to each other, every business house, individuals wanted to have their online presence. Vcards, brochures, online Catalogs came to existence.

Animated Gifs, Java applets used for showing animation in HTML pages. The web users cannot contribute as well the computer illiteracy and slow internet connection.

to be continued….!