jQuery Mobile – Framework for smartphones and tablets

Framework for smartphones and tablets

I did get a chance to try out the jQuery Mobile Alpha 2 and i’m pretty much impressed. Great work by the the team for making the mobile development lot more easier.

jqTouch started more promisingly but the lack of documentation made it difficult. After becoming part of sencha labs, it lost it sheen and sencha touch came up with lot more interface and they started focusing more on Sencha touch. The bottom line it doesn’t come for free. Also its limited in supporting iOS and Android.

Its always fun and interesting to try out jquery and the libraries that are built on top of it. Like the success of jQuery UI, jQuery mobile framework is gonna grow much faster and will become much preferred. With jQuery, you get the support of a huge user community which starts contributing immediately. Well I have as well joined to contribute.

The documentation and demo is good enough considering the alpha release and we can always contribute and write tutorials.

The structure is clean, semantic HTML since they wanted to ensure compatibility with pretty much any web-enabled device.

The main advantage is the support for wide variety of mobile platforms.

  • Apple iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (all versions)
  • Android: all devices (all versions)
  • Blackberry Torch (version 6)
  • Palm WebOS Pre, Pixi
  • Nokia N900 (in progress)

jQuery Mobile 1.0 Alpha 2 requires jQuery 1.4.4.


  • Built on jQuery core
  • Compatible with major platforms
  • HTML5 markup
  • Progressive enhancement and Automatic initialization
  • Powerful Theming.

Checkout jquerymobile website for more information on features
You can view the jQuery Mobile example here
jQuery Mobile Website.

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting some examples and experiments.