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Zool is a product solutions, strategy and innovation team formed by a group of technology savvy individuals having experience of over 10 years+ mainly focused on providing high value solutions in web technology, user experience consulting, product and application development.

Zool builds Strategic and adaptive solutions that empower your web solutions. Plenty of innovative ideas makes it cool.

BalaM = Balamurugan

Its been years i wanted to maintain a site for myself and the community. Focused mainly on resource, where i share my learnings and interesting article i come across. I’ll start updating and share the experience. The wait is over 🙂

Blogging has been a thing which i wanted to do a long before and when eventually i bought the domain and web space and even installed WP, but took more than 8 months to write my first article. Life became so busy and i was always occupied by one way or other.

Then came the main problem, How to write the article, Present, make it informative and interesting to read. . Well Its a learning curve but sounds interesting. In the coming days you will see lot more improvements. I have already started my home work on that.

The habit of writing text shortcuts made it a bit difficult initially, but I got rid of them. The new fond love Blogging and i’m loving it

Code Injection Attack

Even before i started to post something, my site got code injected. Never thought that though i’ll be writing something on this as a first post. But if it has to be , so be it. When there is a way to get hacked, there is a way to bail out as well.

Learning is fun :). have to take it that way. One way it helped me to understand the whole process of how this guys do code injection and how to come out clean.

Will be writing a post on this soon, which might help you all. Though writing is not my one of my passion , but had too 🙂

More to come…!