1-1-11. The Web World – It’s anybody’s guess

The phenomenal growth of web has exceeded everyone’s imagination. Its has become a part of our everyday’s life. Online and Mobile banking, Online bill payment, booking Movie tickets, bus and air tickets online, shopping from online stores.

Even the Indian government controlled train ticketings, Passport, electricity bills have moved online and has become huge success.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera has offered more choices and a better web experience. This has surely drive competition in web development.

When we say phenamenal , I just can’t stop writing about facebook. Even though facebook has been in the news more for the wrong reasons, Facebook has changed the way we interact socially and has become “THE” social network.

Majority of the websites wanted to have their fan page on facebook. Given the massive user base, online games in facebook became a huge hit and farmville being the standout. Started playing farmville since on my of friend asked me to be her neighbour. Just out of curiosity started playing the came and recommended to my friends. Volia within a couple of days everyone became crazy and then started a competition. Everyday we talked about crossing miletones and boasted of the millions coins they had.

Where have we headed in 2011 with the web development. It’s anybody’s guess. With new web technologies like HTML5 and supported by powerful browsers, sky is the limit. Lets powerup the web experience and change the way we compute and consume.

Welcome 2011.

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